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04 August 2011 @ 12:24 pm
An unexpected(?) life update  
So I'm pretty sure I said something once about how I was going to stop posting about my RL, but I've been radio silent for so long I figured I'd make a post anyway.

In June I graduated from University with a BA in English and Writing. I also moved out of my apartment with my awesome roommates into a tiny room in a house with roommates I barely knew. Two of them turned out to be fine, two of them I have now started to refer to as The Terrible Couple. Thankfully one of the roommates that's fine is the owner of the house, so he's on my side, but I've come home to hear the Terrible Couple bitching loudly to each other about what a stupid bitch I am, which is, you know. Awesome.

I'm job searching desperately trying to get enough income to move out of this house (it's a month to month lease), but it's not going super well. I've had one interview, and nothing came of it, and I've sent out countless resumes and only gotten back credit card scams. I'm looking for Admin/Clerical kind of work, but would take retail as long as it would get me out of this house. I have a retail job, and I really love it (it's at an indie bookstore that specializes in SciFi, Fantasy, and Mystery), but it pays minimum wage and doesn't give me anything approaching enough hours.

I've been talking to basically everyone I know about needing to find a job, but most of them are grad students who can't help me or people in the same position as me. A couple people have said that if something opens up where they work they'll let me know, but for now I have nothing.

I haven't written anything since I graduated, and I haven't written anything fandom related in even longer than that. I feel like if I could move out of this house I wouldn't feel so stifled, but it's not like my output was that great to begin with.

I wish I could put the call out here to see if anyone knows of any job openings, but I know most of you live no where near San Diego, and I'm not ready to leave yet. Still, just thought I'd say where I am, life wise.

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