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04 November 2011 @ 01:07 pm
I blame Trace Adkins.  
So, sometimes [profile] elenchic and I have long text conversations. Also sometimes we listen to terrible country music and talk about how perfectly they would fit for a theoretical Steve/Tony Redneck!AU that neither of us is going to write.

Sometimes we combine the two.

[profile] elenchic: I found the best Redneck!Tony/Policeman!Steve song last night. :D
[profile] elenchic: I also downloaded Why Don't We Just Dance and have listened to it an embarassing number of times.
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: that's awesome. i need this. also you need to keep texting me b/c otherwise i'm gonna fall asleep at my desk.
[profile] elenchic: I'll do my best. In theory, I'm doing hw for my 11 o'clock class. (In reality, I'm listening to Mr. Policeman and Why Can't We Just Dance on repeat)
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: oh god, the song is called mr. policeman? that's too perfect
[profile] elenchic: "Hey hey Mr. Policeman/Bet I can drive faster than you can"
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: oh god tony, stop hitting on steve by challenging him to drag races
[profile] elenchic:He'll stop doing it when it stops working. ("You look bored and I sure am/Catch me if you can")
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: steve is so disgruntled and he KNOWS it's a bad idea, but there's just something about tony that makes him want to forget, that makes him feel young and reckless
[profile] elenchic: Also, something that makes him want to put that guy behind bars, because jeezus that was dumb
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: but even then he realizes that more than anything he just wants to keep tony safe, and everytime tony spins out, gorgeous and laughing and so, so dangerous steve can feel something catch in his throat
[profile] elenchic: I can't decide whether Steve and Tony have known each other since they were zygotes or whether Steve is the New Cop in Town
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: i have it as new cop in town. I think tony grew up with Clint.
[profile] elenchic: God I feel sorry for their first grade teacher. And all their other teachers.
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: right? They are so infamous in their little nowhere town. And the surrounding county.
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: and everyone knows them at the bar, so on the day steve goes in, no one is even reacting to the two drunk kids leaning on each other, laughing and singing that damn song about how they would date each other if they were chicks but tony sees steve standing awkwardly by the door and gives him the most outrageous leer and steve's entire face goes red
[profile] elenchic: He does get warned about "Those crazy bastards" but not until *after* he's nearly been killed by Tony-induced blushing
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: i think probably he's even heard of them before. but he doesn't put two and two together until tony has already bought him a drink and by then it's far, far too late.
[profile] elenchic: Poor Steve never had a chance :(
[profile] elenchic: Latin class now
[personal profile] regicidaldwarf: haha, okay. I'm probably gonna post this conversation on the internet, as a way of writing this without writing it.
[profile] elenchic: :Db

In other news, RDJ needs to stop having photo shoots where he dresses like a cowboy. Seriously, it's not helping.

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