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11 June 2011 @ 12:38 am
Movie Talk  
So I saw X-Men: First Class tonight. (I originally wasn't going to - I was there to see Bridesmaids, but the showing was sold out and there was an X-Men showing ten minutes later, so.)

So people weren't lying when they said it was GAY AS BALLS. (I don't know that it beats The Eagle in terms of sheer gayness, but that's maybe unfair to try to measure a movie on Marcus's feelings. Marcus has a LOT of feelings, okay?) The movie did annoy me in several key ways that had nothing do with the plot since I have never read an X-Men comic and don't really plan to, but had everything to do with the black dude dying and the girls all being hyper sexualized and sometimes also evil.

I have to say though, the scene at the end where Erik goes into the sub? Once he starts killing Shaw? Especially once he puts the helmet on, and Charles knows he's losing him? You could just see his heart breaking. I could eat that up with a spoon, oh it was so delicious.

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