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Declaring the eternal Yes!

And a spoon

Truth! Beauty!
11 January
External Services:
  • regicidaldwarf@livejournal.com
  • RegicidalDwarf
My main account is RegicidalDwarf on Dreamwidth, but everything gets crossposted here. Feel free to follow one, both, or neither at your discretion.

About me:
Living in California, twenty-something, trying to find my way. I run the podcast Bibliovore with my best friend Elenchus (DW account) at Bibliopodcast (DW account). It's about books and fandom, and we would love you to check it out (don't worry, we have trashy taste too). We also have a podcast twitter account, @bibliopodcast.

My day to day fandom interaction is on twitter @RegicidalDwarf and/or tumblr RegicidalDwarf.

I tend to move fandoms too quickly to list here, but my Twitter/Tumblr accounts will give you a good idea of where my fandom brain is at on a given day.

All user icons not accredited to another user are made by me. They are mostly free for the taking, but please credit me when you do. Thanks!